Symposium NYC Conference


About nyc conference 

During the Spring of 2016, we introduced the pilot Symposium NYC Conference, which brought over 20 high school students from all throughout New York City together to engage in the comparative discussion of intercultural great texts. 

We are now collaborating with the Columbia University Educational Studies Program : Symposium @ Splash offers high school students an opportunity to spend a day at Columbia University and engage in discussion-based humanities seminars led by college student discussion leaders. Symposium aims to introduce students to various texts from different civilizations in order to foster cross-cultural discourse and global-minded sensibilities. The texts will involve comparisons between a range of civilizations, drawing comparisons that are not usually offered in traditional classrooms. 

This semester’s Splash program will be hosted on March 25th 2017 on Columbia University campus. Sign up at and look for the humanities courses labeled [Symposium@Splash] for Symposium hosted seminars. There will also be other non-Symposium affiliated courses offered in the arts, engineering, history, math, and sciences. Student registration opens on February 27th 2017!

Sample syllabus

Morning Sessions

“What is Happiness?” Bentham’s Utilitarianism & Zhuxi’s Commentary on the Four Books

“Women Character Analysis” Shakespeare’s Merchant in Venice & Tang Xianzu’s Peony Pavilion

Afternoon Sessions

“Justification of Art/Music” Plato’s Republic & Mozi

“Role of Divine Intervention” Homer’s Iliad & Vyasa’s Mahabharata


Testimonies from Discussion Leaders