Symposium Film Series


A film series on remembrance

During the fall of 2016, Symposium launched a new on-campus initiative: the Symposium Film Series, which consist of five film screenings that will each take place on a different week throughout the semester; these screenings will be followed by talks and discussions hosted by Columbia professors. Symposium Film Series is based on the premise that texts should not be narrowly understood as referring only to written work but include other forms of expressions such as film. Throughout the Symposium Film Series, students will engage in discussions about the ways in which different cultures are represented through films; in particular, the series will focus on what each film reveals about cultural, political and social history. The focus of this series will not be filmmaking techniques but rather the specific content of each film. 

This Spring semester, Symposium is collaborating with the Columbia Pre-Law Society and the Columbia Center for Contemporary Critical Thought to host the Symposium Film Series on Politics. Check out our Facebook events for upcoming screenings and talks.